Reverse DNS

Reverse DNS

If you have ever wanted to set up Reverse DNS for a network you should try the Zone File Generator. Generates both reverse and forward zone files in either DJBDNS or Bind formats. Designed for small networks where 125 or fewer IP addresses will be needed, such as small business, department, home or soho, it will calculate the appropriate zone files for /25 through /30 networks. For very simple use cases it can even generate zone files for a single IP.

Why would I need Reverse DNS? Simple answer is so that you can be found either by name or by ARPA address. Complicated answer: mailservers. Other mailservers on the internet may not trust yours if they can't verify that the name you use really lives at the address you give.

What else can I do with the Zone File Generator? How about make your life easier? Reverse DNS is only half of your nameserver's job. You also need forward lookups. The reverse zone file will have records describing your address space. The forward zone file has the records describing the Domain to which those reverse records correspond. Once you see what the forward zone file looks like addding your own forward records becomes a much easier task.

OK, I'm ready. Take me to the Zone File Generator.

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