knot-resolver aka kresd

I've tried everything and it won't start. What's wrong?

If you are using systemd to run the knot resolver and it fails you will be told to journalctl -xe and you will learn 1) that it failed to start and 2) that it returned an error code. Don't you just love systemd?

The good stuff isn't in the journal. It is buried in the CGroup part of the filesystem. Here's how to get it: systemctl status system-kresd.slice

When I installed knot-resolver I used apt to install the dot-deb. Having mucked about with debs I learned that each one contains a file hierarchy that starts at / and contains all the bits it wants to install already in place in this filesystem overlay. /etc/my-stuff.conf, /usr/local/bin/my-program, etc. knot-resolver requires a working directory which defaults to /var/cache/knot-resolver that must be knot-resolver.knot-resolver. And that is the problem. For whatever reason, it is not included in the dot-deb. It is up to you to stumble about until you find the problem in knot-resolver's slice.

So that's all there is to it. Create the missing directory and give it the correct owner and group, then systemctl start kresd@1 and you're off to the races.

One more possible gotcha comes when you are also running knotd, the authority nameserver: it may have already glommed onto lo. Remove that from the listen stanza, reload knotd and that fixes that.

Happy camping !